This book is for Wildlife Watchers, hunters and anyone even remotely interested in wildlife and the outdoors including homeowners, hikers, birders, gardeners, photographers, pet owners, farmers and other outdoor enthusiasts.  It is intended to bridge the gap between wildlife professionals and Wildlife Watchers!

This book is easy reading, factual, informative, fun, amusing and entertaining!

The author is a Certified Wildlife Biologist who spent part of a 30 year career with Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division answering complaints and providing information on wildlife to the general public.  Some of these were quite amusing! The information is universal to the Appalachian Mountains, eastern half of the United States and beyond.


What They Say About Wildlife & Woodland Facts & Fun

“At last, a book about wildlife that is factual, informative and a lot of fun to read, a rare combination with books of this type. Wildlife & Woodland Facts & Fun is cleverly written by one who has been there daily for several decades, Kent Kammermeyer a wildlife biologist in Georgia. Kent’s stories are filled with useful wildlife information on wild critters plus lots of first person adventures he experienced while working with wildlife. Entertaining, yet educational, reading that will keep you coming back for more, a book you will want in your library. Kent has hit a “home run” with this book.”
J. Wayne Fears, Outdoorsman/Author/Editor, http://www.jwaynefearsbrand.com/ 3-2-12

“This book is a compilation of a lifetime of experiences and accumulated knowledge by a professional wildlifer. It addresses the problems and gratifications of human interactions with animals. It is unique! It will be useful to all people who are interested in animals whether they live in a big city, the suburbs, exurbs or country.”
R. Larry Marchinton, Professor Emeritus, Warnell School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia 3-5-12

“Just finished reading the book you sent me. It’s both informative and entertaining. It’s obviously one of those books that could not have been written without the education and knowledge combined with many years of “in the field” experiences. A good read for anyone from homeowners to hunters. Great job!”
Mark Buxton, Wildlife Biologist, Graham Timber & Southeastern Wildlife Habitat Services, http://www.southeasternwildlife.net/ 3-12-12

“ Kent Kammermeyer’s “Wildlife & Woodland Facts & Fun” presents a first hand, (and often humorous), account of personal wildlife and natural world experiences. From the casual outdoor enthusiast to the dedicated hunter and wildlife manager, it’s entertaining and educational, a fine addition to any outdoor book collection.”
Tes Randle Jolly, Award Winning Photographer and Author, http://www.jollysoutdoorvisions.com/ 3-21-12

“Kent Kammermeyer is as much at home at his keyboard sharing his wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of scientific investigation and outdoor adventures, as he is sitting in his blind waiting for that twelve-point buck to come along. His latest book, Wildlife & Woodland Facts & Fun, is eclectic in scope, engagingly written, and merges lots of “how to” with personal comments and anecdotes. It belongs on the bookshelf of every outdoor enthusiast.” Milton Lewis Smith,Outdoor writer and author 5-31-12